Private Airport Shuttles and Transfers

Book a Private Transfer Service for yourself or a group travelling together to and from Auckland Airport, Auckland Cruise Terminal, Hamilton Airport, or anywhere else you need to go. We have a range of vehicles to suit your group size or budget. Please contact Us Below to ask about our Private transfer rates. 

Private transfers to and from any destination

If you prefer not to use our shared passenger service to Auckland, our Private Transfer Service is a great alternative!  A private transfer means the vehicle is yours only and is incredibly cost-effective for groups and large families because the price is still the same regardless of the number of passengers.  We have a range of vehicles to suit your group size or budget, with plenty of room for luggage. 

Luxury Airport Shuttles strongly emphasises respectful customer care; our drivers are well-trained, vaccinated and thoroughly prepared for each job.

  • There are no waiting times at Auckland Airport or waiting for other passengers.

  • To and from Auckland Airport and Cruise Terminal to Tauranga, Rotorua, Hamilton and surrounding areas.

  • We have a large fleet of vehicles, from a 3-seater car to a 24-seater coach, available to charter.

  • Please contact us for a quotation for groups larger than 22 passengers or other areas.

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The selection of the vehicle is at our discretion; this is due to maintenance and unforeseen mechanical issues and scheduling. If you would like to guarantee a specific vehicle, an additional $50 is required and must be requested at the time of booking.

Contact us to book your private transfer

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