Frequently Asked Questions

Help is here. Feel free to contact us if we haven’t answered your questions. Our team are more than willing to be of service to you and share the Luxury Airport Shuttle experience we so proud off.

What is my pick up time?

We shall contact you 24 hours prior to confirm your collection time. Providing a mobile phone number at the time of booking is really handy.

How much luggage can I take?

We allow one carry on and one large suitcase. Oversize items such as surfboards and golf bags must be pre-booked at a cost of $15 per item.

Will I be collected from my door?

Absolutely, that is the service we provide. We will greet you and load your luggage on board the shuttle. If accessing your house is difficult with low hanging trees, a long driveway or little turning room, please advise us.

I have booked a return shuttle, where will I meet the driver?

Turn left as you leave customs, our driver standing in a turquoise shirt and holding a yellow Luxury Airport Shuttles sign will be waiting for you. If they are not there, do not leave the terminal. Go to the information centre who can call our driver or office.

How long is the wait before we depart?

We are meeting other passengers flights which may come in early or late. We do not want any customer to wait longer than 90 minutes from the time they met the driver. We endeavour to move people as quickly as possible and may transfer delayed passengers to the next shuttle.

What routes do you take?

This depends on the addresses for the passengers pre-booked. We aim to take the most efficient route and allow for toilet breaks along the way.

Do you meet flights between 01:00am and 04:00am?

A shared shuttle service is not provided at these times however you can book a private charter and share the cost between yourselves.

How can I make a booking?

There are 3 easy ways to book a shuttle. Book online and receive an instant confirmation. Call our office Monday to Sunday between 07:00am and 19:00pm. Email our friendly team via our Contact Us page.

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