City to City Shuttles

city to city shuttles

Luxury Airport Shuttles provide a City to City Transfer Service between Auckland city & suburbs, Tauranga, Hamilton, Rotorua and connecting areas.  These are operated in conjunction with our scheduled Airport runs. We also provide an affordable option from Tauranga to Hamilton Railway Station to meet the Northerner Train. This cannot be booked online.

Note: The shuttle for the City to City run arrives at the Auckland International Airport at 11.00 a.m. and Auckland City by 12.15pm. Departing Auckland City at 12.30 and Auckland Aiport by 2.30PM.  The pickup and drop off time are determined the day before by the planner.

Complete our Online Booking form for an accurate quote, or please Contact Us for a quotation for your trip

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Schedule and Pricing

Luxury Airport Shuttles provide a shared service - connecting Auckland with Tauranga, Hamilton, or Rotorua and connecting areas. 

With a large fleet and a great team of drivers we can offer the most frequent service available, timed to match your travel plans as closely as possible. This is run in conjunction with our shared Auckland Airport transfers which operate a regular shcedule of services. Limitations on city service can apply.

Complete the above contact form for an accurate quote and pricing for your trip. 

Auckland City to City Shuttles

These may be booked online 

Three ways to Book:

1.   Online at and pay by credit card at the time of booking.  
      Simply click BOOK NOW and fill in the required information.  

When booking online please ensure you choose the correct zone and enter the suburb name into the address details. Suburbs not listed are not served by our service.

We cannot accept online bookings that operate within 24 hours of travel time, so you will need to contact us directly to do this.

2.    E-mail us on

3.    Phone us on 07 547 4444

Please note:

As the Auckland City shared shuttle is operated in conjunction with our Scheduled Airport Service,  you may be dropping off and collecting passengers from Auckland Airport, so please be prepared for a short wait for arriving passengers.


When booking online use the “Shuttle” booking option for all city-to-city and Auckland city transfers. 

Hamilton Train station transfers cannot be booked online so please contact us for a quotation 

Book your city to city shuttle, or Auckland city shuttle online

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