Airport Shuttles to Tauranga & BOP

Booking a shuttle makes taking in the scenery on your way to the Bay of Plenty region easy and comfortable. Tauranga is a 2.5 – 3 hour drive south-east of Auckland/Auckland Airport. We make this simple and relaxing with a door to door, pre-booked shared shuttle or private transfer.

Staying in Tauranga & the Bay of Plenty

There are multiple hotel/motels available to stay at when visiting the Bay of Plenty. Or if you’re staying with family or friends, we can take you straight to the door of your destination.

Things to do in the Bay of Plenty

  • Bay of Plenty offers plenty of options for everyone to enjoy a perfect holiday break. From the beach to the mountains, fine dining to outdoor food markets, you’ll create special memories here you will never forget.
  • Climb Mount Maunganui and view the incredible sunset over the beach, then relax in the warm salt-water hot pools.
  • Go fishing on a chartered boat to the waters off Mayor Island in search of a deep-water catch or stay ashore and drop a line off Salisbury wharf in Mount Maunganui.
  • Enjoy the wonderful, calm Lake McLaren with a serene and scenic Kayak Tour in Tauranga’s McLarens Falls Park.

Book a shuttle from Tauranga to Auckland

Book your return airport shuttle from Tauranga to Auckland online, contact us or call on 07 547 4444. You may also book through one of our travel agent partners.

Book your Shuttle from Auckland to Tauranga

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