Benefits of Young Drivers taking up getting their P Licence

Luxury Airport Shuttles & Royale Coachlines believe it is our responsibility to encourage young people into the transport industry.  A number of our own operations staff members have their passenger licence and see it as another string to their bow and an investment in their future.

“As a young driver myself, the benefit of getting a P licence was huge. It provided me with more employability opportunities and showed a diverse range of skills and abilities.

Having my P licence opened up many opportunities for myself that I had never thought of as possible. Opportunities to go and work in places all around Tauranga, Auckland, Hamilton and Rotorua. Opportunities to see and visit places I had never been too before, whilst all incorporating it into a days work. An opportunity to have interactions with customers that I had never been able to have before and the opportunity for more personal responsibility on my behalf.

Gaining my P licence allowed me more individual freedom in my work and made me a larger asset to the business. I felt more valued as an employee, and felt that I had more to offer the business since gaining my P licence. If anyone was contemplating gaining their P licence, I would extensively recommend them too. Whilst the price in obtaining your P licence may be rather high, it is fair better to view it with an optimistic approach, it is not a cost but rather an investment.”

Tom Rudderford LAS ops team member and driver

“Getting my passenger endorsement has been a way of diversifying my skills within the business environment. The idea that it was so uncommon for people my age to have their passenger license also compelled me to do something different to the status quo. The job itself offers so many positive interactions and networking opportunities with passengers. I have found that my customer service skills are constantly being refined and I am learning how to think quickly and strategically whilst working.”
Brittany Oliver